How to Choose a Great Hotel Room

Hotel room prices can be misleading. Just because a hotel is advertising a low price does not guarantee that it is good value. Always do your own research and ask some questions.

Booking in Advance

The best hotel deal – price, location, standard & facilities – is made by booking well in advance especially if booking during a holiday period or some other special event. Generally, as hotels fill up they increase the price of their rooms. So booking early always gets you a good price. Sometimes booking at the last minute is great for picking up a hotel bargain if a hotel has not booked enough rooms. If you are not too fussy about where you stay this can work in your favour but don’t expect it to work in peak holiday periods of when a special event is on in town.

Hotel Facilities

Look carefully at hotel facilities. You have chosen two hotels that cost the same amount. One hotel has a huge swimming pool and a spa and the other does not. This is great if you are travelling in the summer and plan to use a swimming pool and a spa, the hotel with those facilities is a better value for you. But if you are travelling in the winter and have no desire to use a swimming pool or a spa, look a little closer because the second hotel may have other facilities you would prefer. Maybe there is free internet access or breakfast is included in the price. After all, you pay for everything extra that a hotel offers. Our reservation system provides a detailed list of all the hotel’s facilities for easy comparison. 분당룸싸롱

Hotel Location

Try to choose a hotel nearest to the attraction(s) you have come to see or very close to public transport. If you have chosen a hotel that is not in the center of things you may need to factor transportation costs into your total holiday cost. If you have arrived in your own car it is probably not an issue. If you are planning to use taxis or another form of public transport, that can be a considerable extra expense to add to your holiday. Remember to ask if the hotel offers a shuttle service to and from attractions and airports. This could save you a lot of money and make your visit less stressful. Our reservation system provides a Google map of the hotels location so customers can check out the surrounding area.


Try to book a hotel that includes a breakfast (preferably an American buffet breakfast) in the price. This can be very convenient and save you money on your visit. Our reservation system specifies whether breakfast is included in the room rate.


Generally, my advice is to not eat at the hotel restaurant because they are normally over-priced and attract hotel guests out of convenience more than offering a great meal choice. Choose a hotel in an area where there are plenty of restaurants and food courts to give yourself a wide variety of choices at reasonable prices. And if you order room service expect to be over-charged

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