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Electronic dog training collars have many different uses for training your dog. From basic commands to field training they are very versatile. Some lazy dog owners will rely on electronic dog training collars too much and can get unpredictable results. They are often best left for professionals.

First of all, electronic dog training collars are somewhat controversial. Some people would like to see them banned entirely, whereas others really think they are great. Just like any other tool, it can be abused and misused if put in the hands of a novice. home appliances rr nagar

There are a couple of different kings of electronic dog training collars. Bark collars are electronic collars that basically give the dog a shock whenever they bark. The good thing about this is that the dog gets an immediate feedback on their behavior; and are more likely to associated the punishment with barking, than if the punishment is given at a later time.

With the other type of electronic dog training collar the level of shock can be controlled by a remote control. This is the type of collar some trainers use when they are teaching the dog basic commands or field training. The main advantages of this collar is that you can adjust the level of shock the dog receives, and also while the dog is far away from you in the field you can still deliver training stimulus.

Electronic dog training collars should be used by trained professionals or people who have been trained to use them. It is recommended that you try reward based dog training first. Reward based dog training is offering rewards, like dog treats for good behavior.

No matter what your feelings are towards electronic dog training collars, many people continue to use them to train dogs. If your dog is misbehaving you should try and find out the cause of it first before resorting to an electronic dog training collar.



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